Visit us @ Cycad World of Innovations Nursery in Pretoria, South Africa


The nursery has been in existence for 13 and a half years and contains some 65000 cycads made up of 60 different African species ranging from very scarce and exclusive to more common Cycads.

We are registered as the city's 1 nursery and therefore can provide permits with the blessing of Nature Conservation, to import and export to national and international destinations as permitted by Cites.

All Cycads are cultivated under strict Cites 1 conditions and supervision. This became my dream 13 years ago with a mission and vision to pollinate and grow Cycads from seed and to be able to supply all species from seedlings to mature plants.

Adolf Fanfoni @ work. The endless cycad discovery process.


"Everything I know today I have learned through experience, mistakes, losses and many hours of pollination, replanting, removing, treating, and the sealing of suckers as well as other cycads.
It has been a very long road to obtain the necessary Cites permits and win the trust of Nature Conservation to where we are today."