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 Cycad Care, they all go together by Adolf Fanfoni

Book Review

“A passion for cycads and the conservation and care for them is unmistakable characteristics of Adolf Fanfoni. In any discussion with him he will relate with passion to the conversation of cycads in nature as well as the propagation and care for them in his nursery on the northern side of the Magalies mountain in Pretoria”.

“This book will without a doubt contribute to every cycad collector’s knowledge in how to treat their plants in their gardens” with the book dedicated to his loving wife Petro, his daughter Alida and son Adolf(junior) who has supported him in his passion for cycad care over the many years. 

Cycad Care provides an overview of the many hurdles one would come across during the time collecting and caring for the plants dear to collectors, called cycads. The contents of the book deal with compost, fertilizer, suckers and sucker removal, watering, rot and reasons for rotting, and all sorts of pests all to known by collectors. There is an in-depth look done on the pests, pesticides, fungi and fungicides with beautiful illustrations of the damage they can cause or to correctly diagnose anything affecting the plants. Adolf even provides guidelines on the corrective treatment required for the various threads and or diseases.

One would be able to see what Adolf has seen during his many visits, the splendor and beauty, in the cycad habitat with the colourful photos of E. lanatus, E. middelburgensis, E humilus and E. cycadifolius.

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