What is Cas-Cycad Aulacaspis Scale?

The all "new" cas scale first detected in s.a. In 95' without anybody knowing what it was.

To read all about it, see the below PDF attachements or discover it all in the book "Cycad world of innovations"


How do I treat my plants?

  1. Spray all the infected leaves, bottom and top, spray the crown and stem. With an strong dose of one off the insecticide mentioned in the list below. Do not forget to put an wetting agent, the scale as all the others have an waxy layer on there bodies and the insecticides will have no effect!
  2. Drench the soil around the plant with one of the insecticides in the list below no wetting agent needed as these insecticides was actually designed to work as an systemic insecticide.
  3. 5-7 days later inspect the scale if they dead, they should fall off from the leaves if you rub it with your fingers. If not, repeat the treatment.
  4. 5-7 days later, cut all the leaves and if possible burn them!!!
  5. Give the plant an boost, by drenching it with an Cycad nutritional supplement. List to follow.


 Insecticides that work:

  1. Kohinor
  2. Confidor

Wetting agents are quite common, like Efekto's G49.

Please note: this scale is not common on encephalartos Cycads, but you could be on the lookout for this scale!!!!!

No evidence yet that it is attacking encephalartos Cycads native to South Africa.


See below PDF links for additional information:


 Yellow Leaves - Cycads not cared for
 Cycad care-supplements - All about cycad care
 Cas scale insects-the full story - How to spot cas and treat your cycads
 Cas in SA - Interesting article on cas

Do I need a permit?

New legislation came out in 2008 (2004 published) everybody in SA needs and must apply for an possession permit of all indigenous enchephalartos species including Stangeria Eriopus.

More Infomation:

 Cycad permit - Do I need an permit

How are auctions run?

Just a little overview on the prices achieved on the auction of april 2015 one can not base this on an guide line to evaluate cycads.

Many facctors to bring into consideration:


  1. How many people on the auction
  2. How many of the same species are on auction
  3. How many people want the plant
  4. Plants bigger than 15cm will entice many more collectors, which will bring up the price on all the plants just to see if he might get an bargain and that is where the fun begins.


More Infomation:

 Auction April 2015 - Page 1
 Auction April 2015 - Page 2
 Auction April 2015 - Page 3


Waardasies Op Brood Bome


Waardasies op broodbome nogal n stewige onderwerp.

Banja faktore wat in berekening gebring moet word.

Die aanhangsel bevat n paar van die onderwerpe.

Ons kry nogal banja navrae en het toe besluit om so bietjie uit te wy!


More Infomation:

 Pricing Of Cycads - Just An Little Comment


Leopard Moth Disaster

Disaster struck. Someone has unleashed thousands of leopard moths.

See attachment below for the full story.

Please send in pic's on leopard moths!
Thousands of leopard moths is roaming the air space around the suburbs Montana and now Wayverly in Pretoria. No control at the moment!
These moths normally last for one season in Pretoria only.

As stated by Herman Staude. They do not last in Pretoria's dry air and cold winters.
If anyone can get us some live Larvea (worms) Herman could be able to tell us from which province they immigrated and from what species.
Waiting patiently for article from Herman!


More Infomation:

 Leopard Moth - Cycad Moth


How To Use Cycad Feed - Kohinor 350sc

Just an simple explanation of the use of these two products.

Cycad feed, 2ml per liter water in n gieter en gooi dit om die stam van die plant oppie grond, hoeveelheid;- afhangende van die groote van die plant. Slegs twee maal per jaar!!!
Kohinor, 2ml per liter water in n gieter en gooi dit om die stam van die plant oppie grond, hoeveelheid;- afhangende van die groote van die plant.

Die middel is geformuleer vir sistemiese opname, maar kan ook gebruik word vir sproei doeleindes, gooi dan net 2ml per liter water benater (ons gebruik maar altyd evekto se produk g49) by, anders werk dit nie so goed nie!


I.d. By Seed

Seed identification is always a problem!

See the attachment below for assistance:

 Seed ID

Clivias Attacked By Worms


When you discover holes in the clivias leaves and flower stalk be aware!! The worms hide inside (in-between) leaves and flower stalk!!!
It is that time of the season again!!!!
The worms (Amurila) are destroying your clivias!
Spray with Chlorophirifos and wetting agent.

On the bottom side of the leaves, that is where the moth lays it's eggs!
If you tend to spray at the top of the leaves, this will not work and If you leave the wetting agent (soap) out, it's also not going to work!!!
2ml/lit Chlorpyrifos per litre of water and 2ml/lit wetting agent per litre of water.
Check out the web-site that poison is still available and not off the market as they say!!
Durban is another one to use with Chlorpyrifos as the active.

If your mix is to strong you're going to burn your plants
Remember this is only but a guide line not the rule!!! If your mixture is to strong and you burn your plants do not blame us!!
First do a trial before destroying your clivias!!!

Amurila wurm-eet alle clivias!!!!
Onthou net om (benatter) seep by die gif (chlorophirifos) te sit voor jy die clivias spuit.
2ml/lit water-gif, en 2ml/lit benatter spuit onder die clivia blare, dit is waar die mot haar eiers le!!!!

See below Images:

 worms 1

 worms 2



New Law Cycad Possession Permits


Many, many queries about buying, selling, transporting and possession of SA Cycad.

Everybody in SA must, according to new Cycad law published in February 2008 apply for all restricted activities regarding above.

First step is to contact your nearest nature conservation office and find out from them what they want or you can simply draw the annexure 1 (national law) document from this web site fill it in, pay your processing fee and hand it in at your nearest nature conservation office!!!!

All SA Cycads must be listed on a spread sheet and marked 1-105 (all the Cycads in your garden) and handed in with your application!!!

Remember all activities regarding Cycads is restricted activities if you do not have the necessary permits in hand and get pulled of the road, you might even land up in jail! Thats not a joke!!!!

All activities, possession, transport, buying and selling!!!!

You can not even move a Cycad from your neighbors garden to yours!


More Infomation:

 Annexure 1 - National Permit Application Document

Nature Conservation Contact Details

Contact details for nature conservation-national at this stage all the contact details we have, if you have any other details, please forward it so we can update the list on the web.

It will just make life a bit easier for every one!


More Information:

 Nature Conservation National Contact Details

How Does Frost Affect My Cycad?


Question by Willem Fourie: Can frost damage my Cycad? (Picture 4)

See below attachement for more information:


 Cycad and Frost

Frost 3

frost 1

frost 1

frost 4

Download this file (CYCAD PRODUCTS.xls)Insecticides and Pesticides[Insecticides and Pesticides]34 kB