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Let the fun begin. 2018 new dates for March 2018 check this space for dates.

Send an e-mail if you're interested!
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Join the Cycad Academy!
Join us for some fun!
The 1st 20 people to register will be allowed.


R 1 900.00 per person.


The book "Cycad World of Innovations" full ID and DIY on SA included in the price.


Lucky draw. Remove the sucker on the draw (out of the hat) and take it home with you. Could be any specie! On the house!

New workshop on DIY Including full ID. On all the plants in South Africa including Africa!


Starting 3 March 2018!
Greatest secrets ever! Come and learn how to reveal the full DIY on Cycads and identification of Cycads with us.
New book-Cycad care-now available!!
What a great time we're going to have! As the overwhelming demand for all the different aspects of Cycads and workshops keeps growing we decided to present another workshop all about DIY including identification! Identification on South African encephalartos cycads is not an easy task.

DIY is quite a bigger picture, that is why we have to do it over a period of 4 days.


Date's finalized:

  1. Saturday 3 march 2018 - Pollination
  2. Saturday 10 march 2018 - Cycad care
  3. Saturday 17 march 2018 - Gogas
  4. Saturday 24 march 2018 - Sucker removal (out in the boendoes)


All included.

  1. Identification
  2. Pollinating
  3. Sucker removal
  4. Insecticides and pesticides
  5. The most important Cycad care!


Based on the workshops, an overwhelming success in the previous ID Workshops (13) including Kirstenbosch.

VENUE: Cycad World of Innovations (Pretoria)

DATE: 3 March 2018

NOTE: Please do not hesitate to let us know, either by e-mail or simply keep on phoning me until you get hold of us! (SMS also works)

E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CELL: 082 562 9498 / 082 678 1040

Come and have some fun with us!

Basic price and whatever goes with it!

  1. R1 500.00
  2. Book, Cycad World Of Innovations included!
  3. Get a stitch or two


Pollinating note:

  1. Banking details
  2. The first 20 entries will be accepted.
  3. If you snooze you loose!


One and another!!! 

Drinks and braai included every Saturday!

Cycad will donate a T-shirt and a Cap to each "student" - Once in a lifetime opportunity!


Last but not the least. Everyone that attended the previous workshop to pick up their certificate's.

See you there!!!


 Id Workshop Review - By Philip Rousseau
 Banking Details