Your Cycad leaves eaten while emerging from the crown.

Just a couple of photo's of different myth's fungi's and what not!!

The way to threat these will appear at the bottom of photo's as we go along!!

The most common way to threat the normal myth, leaves turning black as they emerge from the crown, Chlorpyrifos and an wetting agent, not too strong as this will also burn the Cycad leaves!!!(2 ml per 1 litre of water) you could treat the Cycad 2-3 months prior to it pushing leaves,as this is a common problem on cycads and if the Cycad has had this the previous season, you will for sure have the same problem next season. This occurs normally with a lot of rain (very high humidity) over a couple of days and the Cycad pushing leaves during this period.

Treat the plant with a systemic fungicide 2-3 months prior to pushing leaves.