Cycad fungicides and pesticides available.


Caring for your cycads or any other plant is the one and only way to look after your cycad. You can not simply leeve them to survive on their own. Inspect your plants on a regular bases and if you find scale insects or any other harmfull beetles you have to treat your plants. It should be a good idea to inspect and treat your plants at least twice a year, in beginning of spring and maybe middle december.


Beginning of spring is when all the harmfull bug's, goggas and fungi's come alive. If your plant looks down, boost it with a food supplement or simply boost it begining of spring, cycads make one set of leeves per annumn, they do not need to be boosted once a month!!!!! Fungicides and pesticides not always available as per product name, can be traced to another product name by checking the active ingriedient as per the 2nd list all listed fungi's and pesticides in SA.


Simply go to the column which lists the active ingredient and then go to the left of the colomn and find the product name under which it goes by. Like chlorphyrifos which everybody says it is off the market. Check it out and you will find another product with the same active ingrediet. Chlorphyrofos is actually the active ingredient!!!! For all the scale insects, you can try the products confidor and kohinor as well, if spraying do not forget the wetting agent, these products is actually designed for systemic use, but works very well as a spray on!



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